Saturday, May 3, 2008

No Mechanic

Well I'm no mechanic and I am no engineer
I left the leak on the floor
I am no father; I'm barely a brother
I need to call my friends more
So here I go again just like when I was nineteen
Here I go again grittin' my teeth in my sleep

Well, I've been good before; I've been bad more
I know the right words to say and where
My tongue is split in two long with my soul too
No one knows, so they don't care
I'm learning what it means to breathe on my own
I'm learning what it means to leave my home

Oh, dear brother, when I die come over 
And clean my closet out
So our dear mother won't see my dead bodies
And figure her darling out
I keep feeling like the gig is up
Like some sweet soul's watching with tears in their cup 

To every goodnight kiss
And every friend I dearly miss
Here's the truth of it all

I don't know 
Myself at all I can barely stand tall
I keep losing
Myself I'm so thankful; yeah oh so grateful 


Going Weston said...

Heeeey brother

The Anonymous Human said...

Like the new site.

good post.

bill said...

that should be a song or something...but its missing the line, "the dream i never thought would come true."

that line makes every song better.