Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When You Realize You Like Your Job...

So, I felt pretty tired.

I had fallen asleep on the couch the night before. I try not to make a habit of that, but after a string of long days dominated by designing album covers, phone calls, final listens to the album, getting quotes from duplicators while juggling bookings and writing, and blah da blah...

I just crashed on the couch. It was too comfortable to leave.

Anyway, the next day I find myself on a bitter March morning walking hunched over while the raindrops lightly draw blood from my face and neck. I duck into Old City Java in Old City, Knoxville, and order a cup of coffee. The day is about to get really long really fast. Deadlines are rushing at me to get this project done, and I understand the phrase "crunch time" like never before. It isn't pleasant to think of how, in a couple hours, I am going to plant myself in front of a computer alongside my graphic designer, Gamble Scrantom, and work frantically for 6 hours straight after already logging several hours a couple days before.

But suddenly a thought came over me like April. This is it. This is my job. I'm not squeezing this in to other jobs or other responsibilities. I get a job where I can tread over pavement to coffee shops and work from there. Then, I have a job where I wake up in the morning to a long list of people with whom I get the pleasure of laboring over art. I cast a vision and watch bandmates, producers, photographers, graphic designers, and duplicators catch it and put their own spin on it.

I've reconciled myself to my to-do list. My busyness is the most fun anyone can ever have. I almost forgot that in the rain.

It has been a joy to watch so many different types of artist leave their signature on this album we have come to call "Danced with the Devil."

Also, it has been a joy to see so many of you support this project by pre-ordering.

Look, we are at the point of needing to pay off some of these artists. Every time any of you pre-order, you are directly supporting a local artist who, instead of trying to get rich, they create beauty all around them through, not only their work, but their personalities as well.

Please consider pre-ordering our new album, Danced with the Devil, at www.taylorbrownandcompany.com, and receive a free download of the title track.

You can also watch a video of me and Terry, the bulldog explaining how to pre-order here.

Thank you so much, my friends!

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