Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mercy Makes its Rounds

I cry mercy for the whores and the sluggards
I cry mercy for the preachers to paupers
Precious mercy for the tie-wearing Senate
For all these bill and pills and sermons and these personal agendas
I cry mercy, Lord
Mercy Lord over me

I cry mercy in the darkest cells of our prisons
I cry mercy for the king atop his kingdom
Sweet flowing mercy for the praying or sleeping mothers
For all these thrills and frills and protesting yells and these calculated consumers
I cry mercy, Lord
Mercy Lord over me

If we all crash and burn, and we are all found out
If my secret wound's exposed, will You come and snuff me out
Hold onto me; I'm strained against the reigns
Hold onto me; Don't let this darkness take my name
Don't let it, Lord

Hold onto me; mothers hide your daughters
Hold onto me; My boy don't become your father
Don't let him, Lord

1 comment:

A Little Sister said...

Wow Taylor! This song is deep! Gosh you sure are something. I love you Taylor Brown and im praying for you always. Remember that God loves you and is always there in the good and bad times! Dont ever forget that.