Thursday, December 18, 2008

Album Update #2

We have finished mixing the album, and it is now with Jim Rivers for mastering. I'm stoked about this. 

The album will be titled: "Coal Road Sunset" 

Last week, I had some pictures taken by Sarah Shute, and I got to see some proofs this evening which look very good. 

Now we are in the CD Release planning phase. We have some really exciting things brewing for the show. There will be some incredible special guests and songwriters from Knoxville who, hopefully, will be collaborating on this effort, and the venue we are aiming for is great! I'll give you more details on that later. 

For those who are interested, here is the track list for the album:

1. No Mechanic
2. Coal Road Sunset
3. I Named that Cloud After You
4. Make it Real
5. I'm Always Losing You
6. Wine at Weddings
7. Heroine of 1973
8. Pass the Time
9. Of the Current Circumstance and Boundaries
10. Them Stones Will Quiet Down *featuring Jill Andrews from The Everybodyfields


Betsy said...

I thought is was called "naked and real".

oh, and bill is so excited to open the event with his worship leading skillz. but more excited to be able to make that joke a couple of times last night. his face was sheer joy.

Nicole said...

i'm so excited and happy for you! Hopefully we will be seeing you soon.

Kenny said...

Is there any way the back cover of the album could be your third grade yearbook photo? Or perhaps you on stage doing a fist pump real close to your side?