Sunday, September 28, 2008

Let's Fight.

Our society looks so highly upon unity, acceptance, and tolerance which has, indeed, allowed us to jump mammoth hurls throughout our history. A nation that went through the horrific and aggravating events surrounding the civil rights movement, now has an African-American man running for office. In a world where men and women are shoved into the streets and murdered for their faith, we can worship freely. We are a nation in search of a perfect coexistence with those around us. 
While this "step-on-no-toes" mentality is one of the most important qualities in our nation and brings with it some great social change, I, personally (call me a heretic if you will), feel as if this is one of the most dangerous and destructive ways of thinking in our culture.

Stay with me here... 

We've become so enamored with peace, love, and happiness that now the greatest crime is to offend. 

The other day my faith came up in casual conversation with a coworker. You know, about God creating the universe and sending His son, Jesus, to die for His creation. This kind of stuff... 
My friend, who obviously did not share my way of thinking, told me that he saw a poster once with hundreds of world religions on it. In the middle of the poster was a phrase equivalent to Jesus' golden rule. He surmised that all religions hold the same golden rule, and the conversation came to a screeching halt as he simply (but kindly) stated, "Whatever works for you is good, man." 
I have decided that I would rather live in a world where those who disagree with my thinking would yell and debate to the death, because here is the key: 

If we are both disagreeing, then at least we can know one of us is right and the other is wrong. THEN, if there is an established right and wrong, there must be an absolute truth.

If we all say "whatever works for you is right" then no one is right. If 
everything is true then nothing is true. Perhaps those of us who are part 
of the church need to focus on a new point in our evangelism. Let's at 
least get people to disagree with us. At least this is a starting point.
The next time someone says to me, "Whatever works for you, man..." 
I'm going to respond,
"Ok, well, tell me at least one thing you don't agree with me on."
"Well, I don't like Christianity's view on homosexuality."
"Ok good! We can talk about that someday! But... you do disagree 
with me. So, if you disagree on something, then one of us must be right
and one must be wrong. So, NOW we can have a conversation, because 
NOW at least we're starting to seek truth." Let me live in a society where I'm in danger of a thrown stone as opposed to a culture of halted 
conversations ending in a lukewarm and tolerant shrugging of the 

I wish you would
Simply disagree
And walk away or even knock me down

As opposed to embracing me
And saying whatever flies
Then shutting your eyes

Cause I find myself
Hitting the stud in the wall
Just so I can feel
Something that's real

I don't know much but I'm amongst the wolves

And the beast from the sea
Grew his legs and climbed ashore
And he devoured you
While you held him close and cried, "More, More"

And I wept by your bones
As the tide slowly rose
And carried you away
You'll not be coming home today

I don't know much but I'm amongst the wolves

-Amongst the Wolves

* Obviously, though posting my thoughts on longing for disagreement, I do not think our 
intentions should be to get people riled up. Rather, let them know it is OK for them to 
disagree. This can still be done very lovingly.


Betsy said...

um, you left out a very important closing sentence. i thought we had an agreement?

Going Weston said...

You're always looking for a day, I'm going to sock you in the nose. Disagree with that all you want, you're still going to have a broken nose.

(I hope that comment didn't water down your peaceful message. I agree, I hate the post-modern philosophy on (T)ruth, the I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I-like type of philosophy. It has seeped into our Christian culture and goes against how and what Christ taught. Keeping picking fights man, ata boy.)