Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Blue Plate Special

This past Monday, Bill and I got the opportunity to play at WDVX's Blue Plate Special. We had a great time. Below is a video of us playing a song from my demo entitled, "The Heroine of 1973." I'll post more later. Enjoy! 


secondjohnvs12 said...

very nice. i really like the rhythmic one legged river dance element you've added to the act. (just kidding - that was for the low blow you gave me by the fire)

hope all is well.

settled on two rivers.

sunday mornings maybe called the waterfront
small groups maybe deep water
service and outreach maybe seven seas

Levi said...

how cool is that! Please let me know where I can pick up your demo. That is grand!

betsy said...

missin you!

ragamuffinminister said...

oooooo....look mommy! there's a lot of dust on the top of this blog!!! can i blow it?! can i blow it?!